Swim Technique

Your muscles need OXYGEN & the removal of CARBON DIOXIDE and other metabolic byproducts to continue working effectively. Air exchange/breathing is critical to your swimming success. If you’re not maximizing your air exchange, you’re limiting the amount of work your muscles can do. 

This workout will help you gauge how competent you are at breathing effectively while swimming.

The main set will focus on exhalation while your face is in the water. (Many swimmers hold their breath, or hold their breath “a bit” while their face is under the water. This is probably a product of how we learned to swim when we were kids but it’s not helpful when your goal is to maximize swimming speed. This may seem like an “elementary” skill but even experienced swimmers will benefit from re-visiting this skill from time to time.

This workout will also allow you to practice some bi-lateral breathing, (breathing to both sides). Bi-lateral breathing is important in developing stroke symmetry and the skill has many open water benefits…like not “breathing into the waves!”

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